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Why Join LastSuperpower?

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Joining has been temporarily disabled.

苹果app香蕉视频I have disabled the 'join function" because we have been having too much trouble from spammers who join up and then post porn!  We are currently working on the task of migrating the site to a safer version of the software it runs on. At the same time we plan to completely rebuild the site and to begin placing new material on it.  It will remain in  a dormant state until this has been achieved.  All of our discussions are currently taking place on our associated wordpress blog .


Please have patience!  We will get ourselves sorted ASAP!  (keza, February 2010)


苹果app香蕉视频Joining LastSuperpower does not require agreement with our general stance  - we ask only that you  are interested in serious discussion of the issues.



As a member of LastSuperpower you can  take part in  discussions on the site and as a member you will also be given your own workspace (folder) which will enable you to contribute material to the site.  The software we are using provides members with th opportunity of storing their own material in a folder on the site and also the option of  submitting it for publication. ( Published material is displayed more prominently on the site).  Please see our help files for more information on how to use your folder. And don't hesitate to email us if these files don't provide sufficient help.

It's very easy to join, but if you're new to this sort of thng you may want to  have a look at the following visual guide.

Overview of the joining process.


1. Click on either of the two join icons:




2. Fill in the electronic registration form:


3. Check your email for a confirmation message which will contain your password.苹果app香蕉视频  As the email will be an automated one, it could be diverted to your spam folder - so check there if it doesn't arrive in your in box shortly. 

4 Return to the site and login using your username and the password contained in the email.    This will complete your registration. (At  this point you will be prompted to change your password. We strongly recomend that you do this.  After changing your password you will be taken to a page called "My Preferences".  Some new members have found this confusing. We suggest that you ignore this page for now and just click on one of the  tabs at the top of the page to go elsewhere on the site.)

Once you've completed your registration you may like to check out the rest of our help! pages in order to get an overview of how the site works and how you can participate in it.

And please email us if you  experience any difficulty in using the site


see our user-guide . We also have a help forum.

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Last modified 2010-02-17 06:52 PM

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